Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update on the Labyrinth

I  maintained the labyrinth through the winter. And it turned out that the winter was better for the lab than summer.  It just baked in the summer drought and a lot of the grass died, turning it into a field of not much more than dirt and a few wispy lines of paint.  But we had enough rain lately to encourage the grass to start growing again.

For keeping the lines in good shape I have needed to put down new paint lines once in a while.  I bought a stick kind of thing that I can spray the paint while walking and this eliminated the bending over.  The bending over part was very demoralizing.  Get the stick thingy.  Or call me and I can send a picture.

 I found a paint that I like:  Rustoleum Marking paint.  I started out buying it at Lowes then found out they stock it at Walmart.  It's about $5 a can and to do the whole lab takes about four cans.  Fortunately, I'm just on "maintenance mode" right now and it only needs a can or two to keep the lines distinct.

One thing that is helping is that it looks like the paint kills the vegetation under it.  If I look close I can see nothing more than dirt under the white in a lot of places.

 I hope the new grass will provide a stark contrast to the dead zone line  We'll see.