Saturday, June 20, 2015

Maintaining a Grass Labyrinth

Let's say you have your grass labyrinth and you love it.  You now enter the maintenance phase.  There are two things you will need to do.  And you will need to do it often.  Maybe more often than you want to.  But it pays off in a gorgeous lab.

1.  You should mow it often and mow it correctly.  Remember our North, South, East and West approach?  Approach your lab from one end--we'll say the south end.  Mow straight through to the opposite side.  Turn around and mow the opposite way,  mowing one width to the west, headed south.  At the south end, turn and head back north going one mower's width to the east. 

Each time you mow across the lab you will not only cut the blades of grass but you will blow the cut grass away from the center.  Yes, you will be mowing the same dead blades of cut grass.  Yes, it may pile up and you'll have to mow over that pile.  But look back at the inside of the lab: how clean it is.  Nothing but live blades of grass.  Like a pristine carpet.  You can also see the lines marked on the path much more clearly.  It's like you vacuumed the grass.  And, in a way, you did.

2.  You should keep the path clearly marked.   Usually, it's best to mow first and mark after you've mowed.  You will need to refresh the lines about every other time you mow.  If you keep the lines marked clearly you will only need about six cans of paint to refresh it.

Yes, six cans is a lot.  And it will cost about $25 for six cans.  You can get a case of six or 12 and it's cheaper. 

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