Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Corona Cards!

Corona Cards!  I thought of calling them Covid-19 cards.  Or Quarantine cards.  But settled on Corona.  It had a nicer ring to it.  Plus you could add a cute graphic of the beer bottle to the card as an option if you wanted.

It's time to send out some cards.

We are all isolated.  The only way we can be in contact with each other is by phone or mail.  We can't go to work.  Or out to eat, the movies, shopping.  About the only activities open to us right now are cleaning the house, watching TV,  and reading.

Obviously, nobody is going to clean the house. They may say they are but they are lying.

It's the perfect time to send greeting cards and unlike Christmas when you barely have time to fart, you have nothing but time now. You can check on your old friends and relatives. Some of these people will really love to hear from you.  Some may really be worried or interested in how you are weathering this storm. And you already know who these people are because you send or receive cards from them at Christmas.  Get out your Christmas card list. Then go through your address book and the church directory and find the people you know who will be particularly restless at having to be stuck at home.  Send them a card.

Now, Hallmark didn't think to market for this so that's what this blog is for today.  I'm going to show you.

Set your word processing to portrait orientation, two columns.  Print a cute graphic and message along the right side column, two of them, on top of each other.  Cut the page in half, fold and Voila! you have two cards that will fit into a notecard envelope.

OR you could dig up some old cards and cross out the message and write you own in.  It's OK if you do this.  We're having a pandemic here.  People are a lot more understanding right now.  They will just be happy to hear from you. They may even wonder if you are still alive and this will put their mind as ease.

Or you could just write them a letter.  The point is sending out mass mailings doesn't need to have a season.  People have gotten so busy that they don't even send Christmas cards at Christmas anymore.  Increasingly, I get cards weeks after Christmas.  Now people even call them New Years cards:

Now you will need postage.  You can get stamps through the mail!  Here's the link
Whatever you do, stay out of the stores.  Remember that the whole point of this is that nobody can leave their house.

If you don't have any of these craft materials or, let's face it, just don't want to mess with it--  THAT'S OK.  This is a stressful time and we're not going to add to your stress.  You can call or just forget the whole thing.  Go back to bed.

PS:  My address is 2615 County Road 4294   Pickton, TX  75471

And, if all the wordprocessing of the graphic throws you for a loop send me an email and I can email you the file for what I did.  All you would need to do is print it.

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  1. Jane u never cease to amaze me...u r the best and soooooo on spot with this idea...u rock woman!